samedi 25 février 2012

Tablet Remote

At the start of 2012, I release an app called Tablet Remote. It let you control an Android device, like a tablet with another Android device, mostly a phone.

I made this app for two purpose : Laziness and no interrupted cuddling. When I bought an Android Tablet (the great Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101), I wanted to transform the tablet as my media hub : read comics, music, play games, watch movie on it and on my TV (with its hdmi output).

It works really great apart for watching movies or TV shows on my TV with it because obviously, I had to get up from my couch for everytime I wanted to pause or switch to another episode. And it kills the mood when you are with your loving partner.

I tried to find an app that let me do this and I did but it only works on rooted device :

DroidMote Server

Droid Client

By the app description and the user reviews, it seems to be a really great app. Even today, I couldn't find a way to emulate touch screen on non-rooted devices. But sadly, I did't want to root any of my devices because most of Android users don't.

I also tried this app which required no root :

Wiimote Controller

The Wiimote Controller app let you control an Android device with a Wiimote device by Bluetooth. It work without need of root priviledge because you need to change the input method which can send any key event to Android.

It's because of that app that I knew I could make my own Remote Control.

Before making Tablet Remote, I was trying to make a little racing game. I created a lot of java libraries to render the game. Sadly, I dumped the project, but my game libraries stayed. I use those libraries to make the UI of Tablet Remote which is why the app look so dynamic.

So by using the same working solution of Wiimote Controller and by using my game libraries, I was able to start creating Tablet Remote.

I had some problems and I still got somes with Bluetooth connections. I don't know if it's the internal implementation of Bluetooth on Android or how I use their API, but sometimes, my devices (or other users devices) can't connect. I need to unpair/pair devices to correct it. I hate this workaround but at least when it works, it works great!

I release the app free because I didn't know the market potential of it and I wanted to grasp how many people had the same need as me.

After some weeks, I made an udate adding the Gamepad to Tablet Remote. My goal with the gamepad is to be able to play flawlessly to Super Mario on a Snes emulator, and I was!

After 2 months, there was around 20K downloads and rated 3.9/5. Most of the issues is the "abc" button and connection problem (damn fragmentation!).

If I made a new update for Tablet Remote, beside correcting the above bugs is to add a remote editor where you could set your own remote. I might make this feature not free thought.

Anyhow, I hope you also like to use Tablet Remote!

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  1. I'm trying to get this to work on my evo 3d and transformer prime. It installs and opens on the 3d but it does not open on my transformer prime at all. Any suggestions? Rooted evo 3d and stock prime

  2. It's a really great app, thank you!

    And I'd love to be able to make my own remotes to use with games that don't conform to that layout (GTA 3 in my case).

    So if you do make it I'll pay for it :-)

  3. I'm so happy with your app, but i have one reuest. Could you support xperia play phisical buttons. That would be awesome and could bring you a few bucks :p

  4. I love this app and all the function but it would be nice to incorporate multiple analogs to the game pad half of the remote it would be grate I bet it would make you some good money

  5. I've got an issue where i get a message
    "not able to register SDP record for com. Tournesol.tabletremote"
    I don't quite understand why it's coming up. Is there anything you could do to help me with this dilemma?

  6. Hi
    Thank you for the great work!
    By far the best remote around.

    It would be great if you could solve the abc issues and the annoying "not able to registe SDP record" message. By the way what is this message about?

    Congratulations again. Keep up.


    1. This! Since my new phone (HTC One X) i've been getting this message...

      I'd buy your App for $10 if you'd get this fixed! :-D

      Loved it and worked soooo well for mobile gaming using my phone as controller for my tablet.

  7. Your app is great! Just what i needed. could you also include a mousepad? That would be asome!

  8. Great App!
    Combined with the GameKeyboard app, I managed to use the physical controls of my XPeria Play to play a MarioKart game on my Nexus 7. Now waiting for Miracast so that the XPeria Play + Nexus 7 combo can convert into an old-fashioned couch potato gaming center...

  9. All I get, even when the devices are paired, is "service discover failed." I can't find where to fix this, and the program gives no clue.

  10. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.

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  12. Thanks for the app, I currently need an app to control Powerpoint style presentions on my ASUS tf101 tablet with my mobile phone as a remote control. It works well as a basic remote and is functional to flick forward and back between slides. If you could provide a keypad arrangement more suited to this task you may have a marketable product.

  13. I would like to use my small android phone to control my music playing on a tablet. It works fine until tablet turn his screen off. Any solution?

  14. can't install this application on devices without bluetooth.

    Since the app now also communicates across wifi, you should remove that installation target restriction on google play.

    I want to install it on this device :

  15. I get an error-1 on my nexus 7. No error on the phone though. Tried to reinstall and still the same thing.

  16. I'm trying to find a video player that answers to "Advance to next >>" button. I tried VLC, Mobo and the Android player, with no luck. "Forward" works, but not "Next". Do you know any player that works?

    By the way. Great and simple app. Thanks!

  17. Hi,

    I wondered if you had released the source code for this? I am trying to stop the circle button on the xperia play physical controls from dropping the client back into the menu.

    I would also like to try to work out why the buttons are sticking when using the physical touch screen buttons and a direction at the same time.

    I would also like to stop the direction buttons on the xperia play physical buttons from sticking and leaving the character in the jumping or ducking or walking state.

    Finally, I would like to make it so that the buttons on the Xperia Play send the same keypresses as the currently active keypad layout.


    1. Hi, I'm also interested in the source. I brought to life a '90s sony mini HiFy, wich I connect to my cellphone. I'd like to drive the volume from my PC, change track, search youtube music.

  18. i am trying to control my mk808b mini pc with my phone and can't figure out how to get it to work . any suggestions

  19. succesfully connected htc evo 3d and htc flyer, everything works except app drawer button and no marker on tablet so i cant see what app im pressing.

  20. Greate App among remote control android device. Exactly i want to do take control from one android device to another and access it remotely.

    Can you post the full step by step guide and coding.
    Awaiting your reply

  21. not able to register SDP record for com. Tournesol.tabletremote
    How do I fix this?

  22. Kann mein handy sgs3 nicht mit tablet verbinden steht zwar connected aber ohne Funktion

  23. Bekommt man hier auch mal ne Antwort oder ist es den Entwicklern egal was kunden für Probleme haben!!!!

  24. Nice work, but unfortunately it doesn't work on my tablet(serioux s716tab with android 4.2.2) because is without bluetooth. Can you make a app without the bluetooth. Thx

  25. This is a really great project. The last public version is from March 2012. Do you have plans to realease a new project or make it open source?

  26. Any way to get this to work with Kindle Fire HD?

  27. Any way to get this to work with Kindle Fire HD?

  28. Hi

    Great App to control music on a hdmi Android Dongle.

    Would you open to more Remotes Templates ?

    Volume slider is a bit tricky with the latency.
    Plus/minus button would be great

  29. Just a thought as I came across your app looking for something a bit different, is it possible for the app to let the tablet control the calling and text functions on a phone. I want to install a small tablet in my car for navigation and it would be great to add Bluetooth connected phone functionality.

  30. Give us a Suggestion by Reading this also best remote control apps android i found it via Browsing Some Remote Apps to control another Android phone via Apps