samedi 30 juillet 2011

Rocking Shortcuts

Rocking Shortcuts is my new application which is based around the functionality of my last one, Next Song. It uses the volume buttons but not only for switching song but for any action you configured. 

There are 8 triggers to start an action :

  • One click on +/- volume key;
  • Double click on +/- volume key;
  • Triple click on +/- volume key;
  • Hold the +/- volume key;
And there are 18 actions to chooses from :
Application category
* Open application : Open your favorite application;
* Browser : Go to your favorite web page;
Music player category
  • Play Sound : Play a sound file that you choose. It can be looped and overlap with each sound!
  • Next track : Change the current track with the next one on your media player without unlocking your phone!
  • Previous track : Change the current track with the previous one on your media player.
  • Pause/resume track : Pause or resume the music on your media player.

Recorder category
  • Camera : Take a photo the fastest way with just one press!
  • Microphone : Record audio, perfect for journalism!
  • Video : Record video, perfect for voyeurism! ;)
  • Play last audio record : Listen the scandal you recorded;
  • Play last video record : Admire what you filmed;

Settings category
  • Volume : Yup, you can change volume with the volume buttons... At least, you can control how much step you want to increase or decrease!
  • Brightness : Control your brightness settings without interrupting your work or game!
  • Auto-rotate screen : Lock or unlock your screen on one press!
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data : You can activate/deactivate them.

Rocking Shortcuts category
  • Set configuration :Switch to an another configuration preset with other actions!

Any of these actions can be configured on any of the triggers.
You can have 5 differents configuration preset you can switch on the preference screen or with an action!
Actions can be launched anytime even when other applications are running or when the screen is lock!
Every action can be set with a custom haptic feedback (vibrations), so you'll recognized which action has launched when your screen is lock. Special actions have two
separated haptic feedback so you'll know when the settings is on/off or the recording is started/stopped.
Here's some great uses :
* You're listening to music and you want to switch to the next song without unlocking your phone? Use Next track action!
* You play on some addictive game and don't want to stop just to change the brightness? Use the brightness setting action!
* You can launch Gesture Search or any tool application easily with one volume trigger!
* You witness your friend in an embarrassed situation : Record it! You can't find a quicker way!
* Take a quick photo without anybody noticing : Quite fun on the bus!
* Set a configuration with only sound actions and annoy your friends! Try it with game sound effect or plain old farts!
Known limitation :
- The hold triggers doesn't work when the screen is lock, use those triggers with action that you usually use when the phone is unlock, like opening an application or a web page;
- The hold triggers also trigger the one press trigger on press;
Rocking Shortcuts is compatible with the same music players of the application Next song :
* Power Amp;
* Double Twist;
* Cubed³;
* PlayerPro;
* MIUI Music;
If you have any ideas to improve this application, like adding new settings, actions or music players, please write to me at
Thank you and have fun!

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