samedi 25 février 2012


I'm proud today, I release my first Android game. It's a puzzle casual game call Cannonbowl. The goal is pretty simple, you have to clear all the balls of each level of the game with the help of a little cannon.

When hit, the ball can hit other balls creating a domino effect. The gameplay mechanic looks like Peggle and Angry Bird with a mix of bowling and pool.

The challenge is to maximize your score to claim the three typical stars on each level.

There are different types of balls, walls, gravity switch and portals.

I used the same made-it-myself game engine I used for Tablet Remote so the UI style is dynamic, clean and fast.

It took me around 2 months to create it.

The jazz music is from

For future updates, I will gladly add new levels and make something to do with all the stars you gain.

But let me ask you, where should I put my effort :
 - Level editor?
 - Achievements system?
 - Just new levels?

Have a nice day!

Tablet Remote

At the start of 2012, I release an app called Tablet Remote. It let you control an Android device, like a tablet with another Android device, mostly a phone.

I made this app for two purpose : Laziness and no interrupted cuddling. When I bought an Android Tablet (the great Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101), I wanted to transform the tablet as my media hub : read comics, music, play games, watch movie on it and on my TV (with its hdmi output).

It works really great apart for watching movies or TV shows on my TV with it because obviously, I had to get up from my couch for everytime I wanted to pause or switch to another episode. And it kills the mood when you are with your loving partner.

I tried to find an app that let me do this and I did but it only works on rooted device :

DroidMote Server

Droid Client

By the app description and the user reviews, it seems to be a really great app. Even today, I couldn't find a way to emulate touch screen on non-rooted devices. But sadly, I did't want to root any of my devices because most of Android users don't.

I also tried this app which required no root :

Wiimote Controller

The Wiimote Controller app let you control an Android device with a Wiimote device by Bluetooth. It work without need of root priviledge because you need to change the input method which can send any key event to Android.

It's because of that app that I knew I could make my own Remote Control.

Before making Tablet Remote, I was trying to make a little racing game. I created a lot of java libraries to render the game. Sadly, I dumped the project, but my game libraries stayed. I use those libraries to make the UI of Tablet Remote which is why the app look so dynamic.

So by using the same working solution of Wiimote Controller and by using my game libraries, I was able to start creating Tablet Remote.

I had some problems and I still got somes with Bluetooth connections. I don't know if it's the internal implementation of Bluetooth on Android or how I use their API, but sometimes, my devices (or other users devices) can't connect. I need to unpair/pair devices to correct it. I hate this workaround but at least when it works, it works great!

I release the app free because I didn't know the market potential of it and I wanted to grasp how many people had the same need as me.

After some weeks, I made an udate adding the Gamepad to Tablet Remote. My goal with the gamepad is to be able to play flawlessly to Super Mario on a Snes emulator, and I was!

After 2 months, there was around 20K downloads and rated 3.9/5. Most of the issues is the "abc" button and connection problem (damn fragmentation!).

If I made a new update for Tablet Remote, beside correcting the above bugs is to add a remote editor where you could set your own remote. I might make this feature not free thought.

Anyhow, I hope you also like to use Tablet Remote!