samedi 25 février 2012


I'm proud today, I release my first Android game. It's a puzzle casual game call Cannonbowl. The goal is pretty simple, you have to clear all the balls of each level of the game with the help of a little cannon.

When hit, the ball can hit other balls creating a domino effect. The gameplay mechanic looks like Peggle and Angry Bird with a mix of bowling and pool.

The challenge is to maximize your score to claim the three typical stars on each level.

There are different types of balls, walls, gravity switch and portals.

I used the same made-it-myself game engine I used for Tablet Remote so the UI style is dynamic, clean and fast.

It took me around 2 months to create it.

The jazz music is from

For future updates, I will gladly add new levels and make something to do with all the stars you gain.

But let me ask you, where should I put my effort :
 - Level editor?
 - Achievements system?
 - Just new levels?

Have a nice day!

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