samedi 11 juin 2011

Next Song

Today, I decided to publish my first application on the Android Market. It's an application that I use everyday for switching songs on my Android phone without having to unlock it or turning the screen on. It's call : Next Song.

How it works is very simple, you only have to double-press one of the volume buttons and the application will change the current song with the next one and will also change the volume to his original output. That way you can still change the volume output by pressing the up or down volume key but only with a interval of 0.5 seconds or more for each key press otherwise it will trigger Next Song.

The application works like a service, so you can use it when another application is working or when the phone is locked.

The application only works with the default Music Player on the Android phone.

I'll publish this application for free. If I get a lot of success, I'll make a fee version with preferences and add Music Players to be compatible.

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